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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dream Careers

Ppl always asked me

" What is your career dream?"

"What do you want to do in future?"

I am a goal achiever girl (or shud i address myself as "woman") hehe. I want to achieve something.

However, it is quite hard in order for us to know what are our strengths and passions.

I always love the job that requires me to challenge myself. To monitor my performance. Measure the outcomes.

I dont really like routine jobs. Meeting new people and dealing with new ideas excite me.

I will begin my new path in August. Hopefully I can spread my wings there. Yes, I took the road less taken. The job will challenge me and I will challenge myself further. Yes, I want to do part time master as well.

But of course, my long term vision is to open my very own business. With my very own brand insyaAllah. However, to achieve that, I need experience and some capital. All by myself. Non of my family is from business background. Just my great grandparents own restaurants and some rental houses.

Maybe most of you will say that I took the job because of the pay. To be honest, NO. My first priority is my opportunities to learn and expand. 2nd would be the purpose and working environment. I need to know what is the significance or purpose of my job. Third, salary.

I am very committed when Im doing something. I value time. I value professionalism. I believe in integrity. Sum up, Im very "skema". So I need a working environment that can carry my attitudes. Not to say that I carry a good personality. But my attitude may bring a lot of problems, depends on the organizational culture.

I dont like the idea of 10am go for morning break, lunch until 2pm, solat for 1 hr, tea at 4pm. Hohhh. N it makes it worst if there are a lot of kaki bodek but tak reti wat keje kind of ppl. I just allergic to them. hahaha.

Yes, pls hate me. If i'm doing what I mentioned above, pls "ketuk" me. Serious! hahaa.

Ahhh and I hate when ppl always "remind" me. Rahmah, dun go to that company, u r a woman. Teruk keje. Baik keje kat %^&&@. Senang. Goyang kaki je, duit masuk.

WOahh...pakcik, keje goyang kaki will make me go crazy. hahaha. Its ok. Maybe I can reconsider that when I have few childrens :P OK. Done complaining! (Syukur Rahmah, plss!)

On top of that, i really believe in "rezeki". Allah has better plan for all of us. I believe that whatever we earn, we must give back. We will never go bankrupt if we practice "sedekah".

I am excited to step into a new world. Pushing my adrenaline to the highest. What is the meaning of earning a lot without putting your heart in whatever you're doing right?

So Rahmah, smile and seize the world! Pls pray for me ya :D

P.S I do not afraid to resign if i don't like my work
P.P.S Need to think of my new style
P.P.P.S Desperately need to lose some weight! I need to wear my heels to office!!! :(


safwanah said...

by hula hoops.booty shake everything shake! sexay..seriously. pinggang ramping perot x buncit n cepat peluh.wat kat bilik je. cdgn shaja~

safwanah said...

by hula hoops.booty shake everything shake! sexay..seriously. pinggang ramping perot x buncit n cepat peluh.wat kat bilik je. cdgn shaja~

m.f.e.o.l.e.o said...

sukeeeee post ko nih! all the best!

Orkid said...

saf: gud idea! xpnah try tp my prob is not with my tummy. tp booty. hahaha. so bleh x?

farah: thx babe! all da best to u gak!

Farhah (applegreen) said...

oiiii.jgn pki heeels plisss bebeh~ko tuh dah ler ade history regards ur mom!

sweet advise from me okeh!xpun amaran~hahahhaa

risau ah weh. ko mude lagi.kang nnti dah tua bru nak nyesal.haaa
kan aku dh membebel.

pk dengan fikiranmu, bukan dengan hati dan nafsu dear :)


Orkid said...

hahaha. syg gak ko kt aku eh :P

safwanah said...

bole je rahmah since ko men benda tu satu bdn bergerak.ko try lah dulu.

Amour Avenue said...

you are such an inspiration.seyesly..

you just have a vivid mission, on what u want to achieve and personality u carry in u..huu.something like very rare to be found during our age. matang gile ko rahmah..bgus2..aku tau ko mmg leh berjaya..

all the best in your life k..take care.

Orkid said...

wow. tggi bebenor pujian ko. ko punnn lagilaaa beb. diva giteww haha. same2 kite bjaya k :)