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Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm allergic to most of medicines.


1. Paracetamol / panadol
2. Painkiller (Ponstan)
3. Antibiotic - Penicillin

Common medicines. But all the above can make me very, very sick.

Cannot breath, eyes and face swallow, rashes.

People...allergic is not a joke. Serius. yes. Maybe u feel very funny when u see your friend's face turns into monsters after taking smthng. But, it is serious thing. N it can cause death.

I cannot lie that I'm reli worried abt diz. As a normal human being, u will always fall sick. N being a woman, u will face a lot of pains. Example: Deliver baby.

Do u have any suggestions/ alternative medicines? I browsed to many websites. The allergic tests are very time consuming and expensive. On top of that, it is risky.

I always said to my B. Just leave me, I'll cause a lot of trouble to u one day.. N i will die earlier..

P/S: So datz y im reli concern wif ppl around me dat hv allergic symptom.


Fauzan Abdullah said...

owh darling..dont say like dat..
He has better plan for you..okie?
and i will be there for you..okie?

no worry..we will go trough together k?

Farhah (applegreen) said...

haha.aku suke bile alergic.dpt masuk hospital.tpi x suke bile gatal2,sesak nafas,and kebas2:(

Fauzan Abdullah said...

motif ko suka alergic..aku sgt lar alergic dgn alergic.erk. :P