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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's just feel like ur having ORGASM

when I make my b laugh. laugh. laugh.

Yes. Im a *joker* for him.



Anonymous said...

You used the O-word!!!! D:


Orkid said...

hahaha. i dunno how to describe. excited, mysterious feeling. hahaa.

An aNgeL WrOtE my StoriES hEre said...

kak mah dah dewase...ish...nway.u r tagged!

Khairil Hafizi said...

wow... bgus feeling itu.. sgt best.. sgt puas.. n sgt2 hepi~

Orkid said...

keane: wah. ko describe dgn pnuh mndalam. detail. pnah merasa? :P

Fauzan Abdullah said...

a'ah lar keane..bukan main lagi konyer expression..hahah..bgus2..like having o-XXXXX :D

nway..thank for u..for make me laugh..at least kurang sket lemak2 di bdn nie..gelak kuat sgt..hahha :D