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Monday, February 20, 2012

Yesterday was awesome

Ya..i turned 24 yesterday. One year wiser i guess..ehehe. As usual, i dont have any feeling. It is just a normal day for me. Plus, I was so tired bcoz of Shell Management Skills Game in UTP.

Sejak bergelar "tunang" ni, dia jadi makin sweet, makin kerja keras makin sensitif hahaa. nway, semalam memang sangat perfect. Everything was so perfect. I spent my night just staring at him sebab terharu hahaa.

We went to Tamarind Spring. Never know that there is a very nice place in KL. The place is just breathtakingly amazing. The interior design, the jungle, the food, the service, everything is just awesome. Same goes to the money. hahaa.

Sesiapa yang nak ajak romantic dinner, i fully recommend this place. Sorry for the lack of pics, sebab xde kamera yang proper haha.

We just decided that when we are married, we will make sure, once a week we will do our date night :D

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