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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toilet, Heels and Work

Currently I will be in Maybank until my internship period end..
This is an interesthing I found in the toilet. Hahahhaa
(Mentang2 banking institution...bgus2)
Owh ya...my new gladiator heels~~ whee~~

N featured in Maskulin. haha.
Nice rite?

Bought from Charles n Keith Pavilion! I'm so so so fall in love with this heels. Thanks b coz choosing this for me :)

Owh ya...this is what im currently doing...Internal audit extraction.
Approximatley 40 files...

Bersabarlah rahmah~~~~

1 comment:

Fauzan Abdullah said...

hahah..kasut tuh mmg sgt lawa!! i yg pilih!! nie terpengaruh tgk vs lar nie..hahaha :D

all gurl yg nk bli heels yg tgh in now..bleh rujuk kat aku..hahahaha :D