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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let me tell the truth

Confession of An Intern. hak3

Let me tell the truth. Not all the time I being here is a sweet moment. Sometimes I feel happy but many times…nope :P.

You cannot expect everything will be smooth…you cannot expect more responsibilities or less responsibility.

Simply said…you cannot expect anything. Hehe.

You cannot even expect a good working place.

As for me, the auditor, working like nomad. You will be placed anywhere. Vacant cubicles, meeting room or even a store room. I’ve experienced it ok.

You cannot expect the ppl u met will be very warm.

You cannot expect ur senior will teach you everything or settle about your transportation problem.

You cannot expect u can get paid leaves.


Expect that you will do your best

No matter what…

Even you feel sometimes it really unfair for u

But who knows..this journey direct u to a bright future?

Expect your body aches everywhere due to carry a lot of docs and laptop.

Expect that u stuck in jam

Expect u r lost in your way finding client’s place

Expect that u will scratch your car while parking (like me)

Expect working late

Expect doing something that is beyond capabilities

Expect doing accounting and bring calculator all the time

Expect that sometimes u don’t have anything to do

Expect that your bookings are messy

Expect that u have to pretend like a permanent hire

Expect your grade are low even you work like hell

Expect the open parking fee for per day rm9 or even higher in client’s place!!

Expect that sometimes you have to eat alone (client place)

Expect that some of the eating places are too expensive

However, I really enjoy working here!

Just a gentle reminder to my juniors who will start interning here

Be independent, persistent and enjoy!


SuRayA^i. said...

whether the internship best or not, ak rindu waktu2 pegi ke kls..

Anonymous said...

waaa..pengakuan yg sungguh jujur sekali!=p


Orkid said...

mmg pengakuan jujur. yes. intern ade mase best tp g kelas lg besh. (tu pn kdg2 la)