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Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful.. :)

This weekend...i have spent more than half of my salary and allowance. Yes. I know i will have trouble. But I wont regret of shopping. hehe. This "sinful indulgence" really make me happy.

Today i'm at the new client - Maybank tower. Today i'm really feeling blues as I totally not in the mood. Make things worst is i currently do not have any internet access here.

My business is going well..yes. it is a bit slow but i know it will get the momentum early on..

Me n my b is planning to expand the products to bags and pashmina shawls. I really hope that my blogshop will be successful. I am very2 serious in this business and initially i do not hope any profits yet.

As i love shopping, i also love sharing marvelous things over my blogshop. Really2 hope one day I can open my own boutique. I know that I really sux in sewing (I dont even know how to sew the button!) but i know as long as I love shopping and love being stylish, I can pursue in this field.

Owh..yes. I really love to see all the gurls being pretty and presentable. I really believe that the look doesnt matter. Everyone is born beautiful. It just the matter on how you take care of yourself and how u feel about yourself.

I just don’t feel comfortable to any girls who stand in front of the mirror and start complaining abt themselves (no offence k!). I just feel everyone is beautiful and im honestly see that in each and everyone of u!

So dears…start loving yourself. I know that we are not perfect. But those make us unique. I never ashamed of my body and proudly say to everyone that is my family genetics! Haha.

However dears…don’t misunderstood my opinions k! this doesnt mean that u just have to neglect your self appearance. A big NO-NO ya!

To love yourself mean u try to make use of it…to make it beautiful as u can. Try new shawls, different style of make ups or fittings. Indulge yourself with heels and fancy clothes. Be presentable yet attractive. Put on some perfumes. And give your killer smile to everyone..n ppl around u can feel your aura…

So remember dear…always feel beautiful and confidence! Coz u r beautiful J

Some of beautiful gals here.haha.

For those yg xde gmbr sori3x not bcoz u r not beautiful..jz xde gmbr in my lappy.



imaginary.cat said...

betol2...bak kata estee lauder; "xderk pompuan yg x lawa, juz ade pompuan yg malas..hehehe"

p/s: sebab gambar aku muncul 2 kali,makanya aku lawa kuasa dua la kan kan? xD <- bdk x tau malu

SuRayA^i. said...

aku mmg cantek pun~~
(rse nk muntah ade gk nh..har2)

Orkid said...

sur: sur mmg mkin bseri2 kblkangan ni. ape rhsianye?? :P

tirah: takpela..aku bg can...kalo ko pki shawl aku lg cantek (promote2)