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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IGC Trip!!

IGC Trip.

Cant help myself from waiting to this event. Sure will be very3 exiciting and memorable. Hope everything will be run smoothly and no any "uninvitited events" happened.

Well..a lot of issues arised from this trip. Especially the choosing of venue and activities.

Im rather encouraging than critic. Why Melaka? Why not KL?

This is my POV. No offence k.

Ok. Shopping. Well, lots can say, better we shop at KLCC. hehe. But...really think rationally. Cencaluk in KLCC? or keychain with Melaka printed. Or some vintage pieces in KLCC? hehe. And my reason so simple. We are going with frenz and of coz when we go back, bring some souvenirs for your family. or u want just say to ur family like diZ?

"Mama, tak beli pape la kat melaka. ktorg tak shopping sbb kalo nak shopping bek g klcc. Ade zara, isetan malah jimmy choo sume. Pnt2 g melaka utk shopping je?"


Apekah respon die? hahahaha.

Erm...about waterworld. y melaka? better choose Sunway Lagoon. The largest theme park in Malaysia. Siap ade org Asli Australia kt c2. hahaa

N.....why we bother to visit historical building in Melaka or eat Asam pedas there. Simply ask me to cook asam pedas pn xpe. same je recipe nyer. Nak sejarah sgt, better g Tugu negara, Muzium negara atau bgnan sultan abd samad.


Dear, this post not dedicate to anyone. Just a point to ponder. See things in different perspective.


For me, in the first place, its simply abt gathering. n im reli3 proud to say dat itis gang. our batch is reli known for their ukhwah.

Y bother to go far?
Dipetik dari saudara Syahmi, ex-mpp. Ntah die petik dari ane ntah

"Lagi jauh perjalanan, lagi rapat silaturahim"

Percayalah, even kita tak start lg pun kita dah dpt taw personaliti someone kan?

N of coz. Melaka has its own uniqueness!!(cant compare wif others) bndr shah rukh khan. hahahaha.

Dan skrg, kita ade ahli2 yg sgt aktif dlm emel. hahaha.

U guys rox!!

For me, all the activities are medium for us to have fun. More important is the soft side. The spirit of togetherness, take care and co-operation is really important.

Ala, satu hari je. Tgk2 dah abes masa. Betul! Kita tak akan rasa masa berjalan if kita bersama2. Esp dah lama tak jumpa. Sure byk updates..Jgn compare g dgn family n kwn..its reli a huge3 difference k.

Takpe, pasni kite plan lg best n better den diz. for me this trip da reli gud for a stat. nnt kite g oversea ke. cewah!

So my personal reminder for myself and to all IGC members:

1. Take care of each other
2. Enjoy there but know your limit
3. Always ingat Allah, anything can be happen
4. Ada2 sikit slh phm tu, relax2la.sume ada slh...


And especially for my dear b. U reli made it all (wif the help of others). Keep it up dear~~~

And..sori matpie, tugas yg diamanahkan tak dpt beta jlnkan dgn sempurna. Beta sibuk dgn urusan klien. Tmbhn pula tiada hubungan internet disediakan.

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