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Friday, May 18, 2012

What Is Your Working Style?

Ok, i want to take a break with all the wedding prep post for a while. Few person IM/emailed me to post more about career. yes...working as a professional is my number 1 passion.

Ok..moving on..what do you appreciate the most when you're working? The office, your boss, your payslip, your coffee machine? haha. Ok...i think most of us....besides the real work that we do every day in and out, we also get motivated by the people surrounds us right? Maybe your nice boss, or your colleague aka your gossip gang, your lunch gang....I believe it is important for us to build relationship among our office mate, even with your external stakeholders (believe me, i have problem with the latter part hehe)

I love my new role. I miss my work whenever im on off days...strange huh? Not everyday is sunny day but I keep motivated by the people surround me :)

Ok..so one day they shared with me this awesome online personality test

This is a very good test i would say. We know everyone's working style and try to adapt.

4 Behavior Style
Dove - Harmony seeker
Peacock - Excitement seeker
Owl - Detail seeker
Eagle - Result seeker

Guess which one I belong to?

I laughed when I saw the result and explanation.
make efficient use of time, short tempered, pushy, natural leader, organizes well and too independent. That explains why I get upset if people not punctual..yes..i'm an eagle :)

So go ahead and share with your partner and you will work better than before :D

For more details: http://richardstep.com/self-tests-quizzes/dope-bird-personality-test-printable/

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