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Monday, July 20, 2009

Kembali ke UTP

Jd bdak sek blik...

tak ade lg glamer2. ala2 new york n milan (bak kater acap)




Tp i tetap excited :)

Byk sgt muka yg tak kenal...adehhh.rase cm len giler.

Takpela, wat la hal sendiri.

First week yg sgt hectic. akibat sikap menangguh. pdn muka.

Well, a good news for me.

EY decided to not charge me anything for modem port faulty. wheee~~ a miracle i tell u.

Final yr is getting more excited. Rumah wif the other gurls. so sweet!

Tp...kene blaja blik. otak da bkarat :P

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