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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hari ni hr yg agak giler.

Tawaf la building 1 n 2. Boleh naik haji da kot. seyes.

Sampai tumit patah :(

kalola ms. noreen ade, sure i grab her 1st. huk3.

Arini, sy berjumpa rmai lecturer.

- ms. nazleeni
- ms. savitha
- ms. shakirah
- ms. mazeyanti

not to forget, jumaat lps jmpe few lecturers gak.

- dr halabi
- puan shuhani
- pn. rohiza


rmai kan? smpai otak ni da sgt2 gile sgt tepu. seyes. seyes.

mcm2 respon regarding the proposed title. haih2.

in the end...yg last one gak yg melekat.

mule2 mmg da brenti bharap. ape jd, jdla...

- tp, atas encouragement from my b..jumpe lg la lecturer..

ms mazeyanti dgr my idea. actually, quota student under dia dh sgt2 penuh.

so bile die dgr, she said....my idea is tooo dry.

hmm..bile pk blik. yes. i want to do smthng yg i noe. to b save.

she challenged me. yes. she challenged me.

" u r a good student. u shud push ur ability to the limit. whats difference between u n other studnts if u do diz project?"

tett. tett. ok. sy ni agk pantang dicabar. haha. but in a gud way la.

den. she proposed me this title - knowledge audit.

uuuhhhuuuu. sy dah suke. mixture of audit n km.

"but u hv to work extra, u must read a lot. n org tak pnah wat this kind of system"


tp sounds interesting. really.

"a lot of paperworks n research"


"mmg challenging. but i hv full trust on u"


den we discussed abt the methods n byk lg.. im eager to learn! yes!

so today, i have my topic. at last. alhamdulillah. many thanks to Allah.

P/S: skg rase sgt nervous..bleh ke siap diz projek? but..i have to think very positively. if ppl put trust on me..why i hv to doubt myself? doakan yer. seyes. im total zero in diz tp i believe with effort, doa n passion i can do it! mari berusaha kwn2!


Anonymous said...

Confucius once said, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Everyone has to start somewhere. You're just on a different road with (possibly) a lot more bumps, but take it slow and you'll go over them easy.

In any case, your SV will be able to provide you with helpful guidance when you lose your way!

Pray, work and study hard, and things should be smooth sailing. If life's got you down remember friends like us are always around to lend an ear or shoulder or hand. All you have to do is ask.

All the best dear! We're ALL going to need it. =)

Zz~ said...