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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This friday i will finish my internship here in EY.

Honestly, I feel very2 dissapointed as I believe I can do better than this.

Next week, I will hv my rest after 8 month very hectic working.

I will adjust my expectations, do my vision board, adjust my mentality and eat well (ceh..mkn msti ade msok agenda gak)

Adui. I feel like in my 21-yr a lot of times I hv wasted.

So from now on, no, i dun want to waste any.

I want to b clear on what im going to do.

Preparing myself for more challenges.

And make myself closer to Allah..

Haih. I reli2 need a MENTOR. Anyone?

Maybe a mentor in industry or politics.

MENTOR..MENTOR..come to me...

I noe I can rock the world. SOMEDAY.

P/S: Betul2 kene pikir nak watpe. n which direction. coz too many to achieve. tkot nnt ape pon x achieve :(

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