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Thursday, March 12, 2009

On Leave~

Today...i'm on leave... y? so stress...hehe. no lar..jz want to b alone n 2 relax... now im in One Utama... Just now im pampered myself. haha. Tomorrow i want to stay over girls house n relax...gosip2...haha.

Diz week is not a good week for me. Counting the days to reach weekend again.

Yeah..workload is very burden me. Demanding manager, demanding work, long hours, jammed, relationship prob n lonely. hahaha. That makes life wonderful rite?

So? What i'm gonna do? Jz laugh n chill...

Ouh...btw, utp students came yesterday to visit me (errr...correction...visit EY actually). haha. it such a wonderful time spending wif dem. Miss utp damn much. Life so hectic n negative. Reli hope my weekend will be great as usual...

Ouh....i reli hope my dream will come true...reli2...

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