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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

25 weeks...and counting!

Alhamdulillah. Time flies! Im already 6 month pregnant.

The best best feeling in the world is to feel his kicks. Responding to all your actions. hehe.
Betul org2 cakap..2nd trimester ni memang babymoon. I am feeling more like myself now, except with my bigger tummy! hehe.

Setakat ni kami belum lagi beli apa2 persiapan. Banyak survey dan start menabung!

Its going to be a very, very exciting yet challenging for me. New role, new house and of course this baby!!

A lil update about our preparation:

Kami enroll hypnobirthing class! Hypnobirthing is actually a technique to assist gentle birth. Dari awal, I really    want to have normal birth. It is sad to know ppl surrounds me, esp my mother, terpaksa experience c-sect. Seriusly, in my case, i lg common jumpa mommy yg c-sect.. I know they have different, valid reason..

but i reli2 want to have normal birth. Amin amin. I trust my body to work wonders :)

Ok, about this hypnobirth class, its 5 time classes, each class about 2 jam 30minit. Every weekend, both of us really look forward to this class. It helps me to bond with my baby, husband, and also myself. I gain confidence. Not to mention, I am with very positive couples. It is very very good environment.

Baby, mama and daddy look forward to your arrival. We want you to enter this world calmly and we want you to know that world welcomes you. We love you so much :)


zieta said...

Salam rahmah,,aku mazita,ingat lg x..hihi..mane gmbr msa pregnant,,msti sweet kn =)

Shida Idris said...

excited kan, shida mula-mula excited sbb dah preggy tapi lps dgr baby kick, ecited die jadi lebih lagi.

well, good luck ye. mesti boleh deliver normal, tetapkan mind set nak normal and if baby ok confirm blh beranak normal.

siap g kelas lagi die, good, shida beranak sorang-sorang je...huhu

ainsuffian said...

Salam, Rahmah.. wow.. dah masuk final trimester ya..

eh,kak ain nk tnye,Dr Fidaak kat Pusrawi mana ya? Heard of her as your gynae n she's supportive towards gentlebirthing.

hope to hear from you soon.

*0162394800 - whatsapp ek nnt =) thanks!