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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review 5: Solemnization Dress

Heloooo ok now its time to review my solemnization dress. I wanted a dress yang simple.. no veil. patch lace je n we decided not to wear white. 

untuk this important event, I chose Jezmine Zaidan from Old Blossom Box. I know her since 2007. Been a loyal customer until now. hehe. 

Sangat senang dengan jezmine. bagitawu je nak apa then dia lukis there n then. Baju ni ditempah x sampai 2 bulan before majlis pun. 

I told her that I want peplum yang labuh dgn one side je lace kat bawah bust n ada long veil kat belakang. nak kelainan sikit sebab masa tunang hari tu dah pakai veil kat kepala. 

Untuk tudung she made 2metre shawl n she made me lace yg dah siap beading sume just tinggal pin kan je.

i reli love this dress. simple n sweet je. ohhh n ada train sikit kat kain. 

 Harga dengan Jezmine sangat2 reasonable considering she is a very famous designer.
I was sooo hepi with dress sbb nmpak kurus yeee hahahaa.

TQ Jezmine for being a great dress maker for my most important event in life n being a good fren also! hehe.

For those yang berminat nak buat baju kahwin dgn dia, sadly dia open order only in April sbb banyak sgt tempahan. You can go to her boutique at Seksyen 7 or Seksyen 13 Shah Alam.

All her collections are to die for :)


cik mah said...

cntiknyer...samalah yg kain belakang tu ngan cik mah punya...

ziema said...

Cantiknya! Mcm design baju nikah Ziema gak tp awak punya cantik :)

Congrats again!

orked violet @ SYA said...

whoa..cantek nye....!

teringin nk pkai peplum tp tkt xseswai.. =(

NFAM said...

cantik nye peplum.. org nye pun cantek. hntr kat taylor ke?