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Friday, October 5, 2012

Glass Ceiling Effect

I will get married in one month...I am so excited. Very. too excited. LOL. However, yesterday I was too tired. Very tired... I am so busy with loads of things..my personal, career, business etc.
Now..i will take more responsibility by being a wife..

Terus panik. haha. Serius. Bila balik kerja...I dont want to talk to anyone. I will open my tab..reply to my customers or continue working..1 or 2am terus nak tido..

If kawen how? hahaha. I hardly iron my own baju. I biarkan laundry menimbun until baju dlm dah out of stock baru basuh...i biarkan semua unorganized..i x make my bed. hahaa.

n of course kat workplace...expected to deliver, deliver, deliver. I have a very high ambition.

So perempuan ni byk betul expectation
Workplace: Kena buat kerja n deliver top notch..
Dapur: Kena masak standard chef
Physical: kena cantik n stay young n slim
As wife n menantu: you know la kan..
As mother: almost full responsibility to women

No, im not complaining (ok i komplen) tp i just want men to appreciate women.
Appreciate your mother
Appreciate your wife
Appreciate your women colleagues!

Tiba tiba rasa...its lucky to be a man huh?

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