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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of work and leadership

Today I attended a Business and Leadership sharing by Shell GM Commercial Fleet.

Just wanted to post here so that I can refer again and again.

What makes a talent? How do you measure a good talent?
His answer - over delivery. Maksudnya if boss mintak 80, kita bagi 160.

Self reflection: Ramai yang mengadu buat kerja banyak, bonus tak banyak, promotion lembab, etc.
Selalu carik alasan boss play favor. Cuba bayangkan if bos sayang kita? Ada kita cakap bos pilih kasih.
His sharing hit me a lot. Duhh...i have too many things in my backlogs and im too far of "over-delivery".
Will keep this in mind!

2nd, the man I adore yang sekarang kat Petronas. Kawan2 di PETRONAS, stop complaining and grab that opportunity! Serious he is a very good leader and very humble. Jarang sangat kita dapat local talent like him. Masa his farewell, we approach him personally and ask him quick tips on how he move up the corporate ladder so fast.

U know what he replied "I keep taking tasks. More tasks. Any tasks. Until I never notice that I move up"

Please read about his story here. http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/5/8/business/6191155&sec=business. I read this over and over again n never fails to inspire me.

I really love observing leaders. Love to analyze what makes them different. I am very disappointed that media highlights too much on artists...whereby actually the corporate leaders are actually the foundation who builds our nation.

And I believe, hardwork pays..maybe not today, maybe not in your paycheck. But it will show. I am confident to say this :)

Extracted from Anuar "“I don’t have a set destination of where I want to be. I can only build my capabilities and perform better than my counterparts and I know I will go somewhere.”
Happy working everyone!

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