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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good News vs. Bad News

What worst than bad news?

When u received a good news, and it turns out bad news..

Currently my days has been up and down. Today I got very good news and tomorrow bad news. haha!

Anyway, I appreciate my sister n friends words the most

"Rahmahhhh keep your LOA kuat. Jangan fikir negatif. Anything can happen"
"Allah has better plan for u"
"Jangan risau apa orang kata, u have achieved a lot"

Sometimes, not sometimes, most of the times I like to keep all the good news by myself. Coz our culture has proved that we are more excited hearing someone's bad news than good ones. If we share our good news we will be misunderstood by them by being show off... Or...the good news will be spread out and it turns out to be a totally different news. Haih. I'm tired of it..

And I dont understand how could a person can make a joke out of it? Maybe im being too sensitive. Whatever it is, lesson learnt.

On another note, I dropped a note to one of my admired GM, he replied with a footnote "Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!" He has admired me also to not be afraid of chasing my dream, even I will experience people making joke of me.

Happy puasa everyday and be positive (thats for me actually! LOL)

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