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Sunday, June 3, 2012

wedding prep: bilik pengantin

Sorry for the long silence... Sakit for few weeks. :-) will blog about it...

Anyhow, would like to post a bit on wedding prep.. Lagi 5 bulan nak wedding. Bayang2 baju, doorgift, semua la xde lagi. Weekend mmg full dgn candy buffet, family matters takpun work. Tp i love being busy. Having a fiance who is not just understand u, but also help u in every way is likeeeee......heaven sent..

Ok back to the topic. Bilik pengantin kat rumah mmg perlukan a major upgrade. Bilik mcm design org lama sgt haha. Tp i x cerewet sgt. Asal ada katil best da cukup da #eh

Atas tu inspiration yg diamek dari google. Enjoy!

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