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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Hubby to be!

This post is specially dedicated to my fiance..

Thank you for all this years. We had countless laughters, tears, down, happy moments together.

He is a man with persistence. Dont think any man could stand the tests that he went thru... Few times i wanted to call off our wedding...too many difficult times... But he got faith. Faith that we are much more better together. I am touched with his "no give up" attitude.

He made me feel like i am the most beautiful girl in the world...always "excited" on the things im working on... A very good listener n of course patience.. He keeps on saying im his idol, which is the reason i want to always stretch myself...then he taught me to be more relax..coz i tend to stress out when things did not go as planned.. He taught me to be more softer and to be excited on the simplest thing...

N of coz he taught me to be patience...he alwayssssss not punctual! Sigh. Haha

Bila org tanya...rahmah mcm mana juggling time between work, business, social etc. Simple...i got very good support system. One of them is my fiance...and my friends n family. I am nothing without them.

B...i am proud to be your girl.

Happy birthday! 24 will be a year with full of challenges, new experiences n excitement..with new career with new status..as my hubby insyaAllah.

I pray u the best...n i hope u will bring me to Jannah. Ameen. :-)

P/S: Paling terharu bila i was sick...n sakit tu mungkin menyebabkan maut...dia pulak yg lebih2 sedih cakap cmne la nak hidup without me...when i have recovered (alhamdulillah)..n think about it, that was funny n sweetest..org tgh sakit2 dia sibuk risau diri dia. Drama sgt! :P

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Cik Tqah said...

comels sgt.. happy bday ojan.. may Allah bless u both.. semoga bisnes n karier korang makin maju.. amin.. doakan i skali k :)

SuRayA^i. said...

haha comel plk ak rse ojan ni.
yg ak tau ojan ni menggelabah jekkk *larikkkkk*

haha wish u all d best and happy forever with him beb <3

Misz Mizah said...

sweetnyaaaa rahmaaah! hope you guys will last till the end of time! :) = can't wait for october babeyh!

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