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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shell Downstream Day!

Apart from working, my passion also includes giving back to others.

With one mission: So they will do better than me :)

I am so privileged to be chosen as one of the committee in Shell Downstream Day in UTP. This is huge event where around 20 top leaders in Downstream came over to UTP to do sharing.
Even us, the employee of Shell do not have this opportunity always..

Seeing students who came..and ask questions really motivates me. Even we were not getting anything and this is fully voluntary, all of us really enjoyed doing this.

So the 2 day event start off with Meet and Greet session. I need to man the booth and explain to students about working in Shell and job offered here.

Me...working very hard. gitewww~~

I am also proud to be ex-UTPIAN. owhh anyway the ppl in grey are students committee. They are AWESOME! The best committe I ever worked with during my involvement in UTP.

I was in Downstream, assigned to Retail project. Now I am moving to new role. Both are very challenging and exciting!

The person in spec tu our Downstream General Manager. Actually nak faint masa dapat sit next to him during dinner and he knew me by name! "Ohhh this is Siti Rahmah, we talked about, previously in Downstream IT, now volunteering in CAP once hired"
Faint. hahaa. Ok. Terlebih excited. But u know, working in a very big organization, visibility always a struggle for me.
 And I should thank the guy beside me. Anis. He inspired me to do this...masa dia datang to UTP for career game. Masa tu i terus berangan, I will be a part of his team. Work in Shell and give back. Alhamdulillah. Dream comes true.

So my manager said..if u want to improve visibility u need to hold mic to the leaders during their session. Ok. Yang gambar kecik tu i la jaga mic. X sexy pun keje i. Small fish. Takpe takpe. I will be on that stage on day! :)

So during the main event, each of the leaders gave talk on their business. Coz engineering students mostly know about Upstream Business. So  they shared about Retail, Global Commercial, Commercial Fuel, Supply and Distribution, Refineries, Shell IT etc. See seeee the students are so lucky! I wish someone came to me to tell me everything during my time ok! hehee

The leaders were so happy. Like so happy. Like sangat sangat happy. When leaders happy we lagi happy. Lagi happier if we get Shell Recognition Award (SRA) - in your dream! ahahaha.

So here we are. If you can see, tak ramai perempuan yg fill top position, Actually ada 2 je. Yang lain tu wifey and committee. So I have a dream to fill one of the hot seats..still strong with my principle and image, insyaAllah.

InsyaAllah I will keep doing this.. I feel contented when students emailed me personally asking questions, thank me for the tips, shared their success..and even better some of the successful hired to Shell cam to me and told me they attended my session! It is really good to know that :) It is not about get to Shell only...I always shared about being new employee, how to groom, how to communicate..generally in any working place. I believe everyone can do this, and even better than me.. coz everyone has something to share..that wud benefit others. Cuba bayangkan every each of you share, xkesahla kerja apa, organization apa...mesti we can create a better future kan? :)

P/S: All of us are volunteer. We are not from HR. I am not from HR. I got my daily task..yang melampau bz..same goes to others :)

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