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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Things I Wanna Do Before Getting Married Pt. 2

Ingat post ni?


(Ceh ko ingat ko artis orang nak ingat2 post ko? ahahha)

Anyway, I put my wishlist before nak kawen without having a single thought that I am getting engaged at the end of this year. So lets revisit my list....to make me even nervous before my engagement. hahaa.

1. Buy a decent house for our nest. For a start maybe i want to have an apartment. This is my dream. - GREEN. InsyaAllah on track. Tapi mungkin 1-2 yr after married
2. Pegi umah bakal MIL dan belajar masak sume masakan kegemaran dia - InsyaAllah will schedule one
3. Another holiday with my family and his family - after kawen pon ok :)
4. Holiday with besties - CHECKED
5. Khatam at least satu buku tentang menjadi isteri solehah and parenting - RED. Selalu skip kelas tajweed. Tetttttt
6. Khatam al-quran one more time - RED
7. Lose weight! At least 10kg! I know I can...its just that I do not have any motivation to do so hahaha - RED
8. mintak maaf ampun banyak2 kat my parents before they hand over me to him - GREEN
9. open a business - RED
10. Try brazillian waxing at least once! ahahahah. ok.TMI! - GREEN

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-nita- said...

wowww.brazilian waxingggg.kellasss nokkk.bile ko watt?share the experience pleasee.ehehe