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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brazillian Wax U vollssss


I am still remember that one of my "To Do List Before Married" is to try Brazillian Wax.

Woaahhhh. haahha. I heard it is sooo painful but it is soo worth it.

I did some research and found out that Strip offers the best Brazillian Wax service.

But...the price is quite too high..

And...I am an addict for any deals website (like Groupon, Mydeal, Milkadeal). I was praying (no joking!) that Strip will offer their service in one of this website! Coz I dont think spending RM100++ for only to "tidy up" your under there is acceptable haahha.

You can get the deal here: http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang-valley-kuala-lumpur/strip/715916248

Then I found this!!! I was the happiest girl in the world :)

So come whoever wants to take up the challenge with me hehehe.

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