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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Things I wanna Do Before Getting Married!

1. Buy a decent house for our nest. For a start maybe i want to have an apartment. This is my dream.

Rumah tu kalau boleh nak ada balcony, walk-in wardrobe, swimming pool, gym, dry and wet kitchen. I'm so gonna furnish my house like a resort :)

2. Pegi umah bakal MIL dan belajar masak sume masakan kegemaran dia

3. Another holiday with my family and his family - after kawen pon ok :)

4. Holiday with besties - CHECKED

5. Khatam at least satu buku tentang menjadi isteri solehah and parenting

6. Khatam al-quran one more time

7. Lose weight! At least 10kg! I know I can...its just that I do not have any motivation to do so hahaha

8. mintak maaf ampun banyak2 kat my parents before they hand over me to him

9. open a business

10. Try brazillian waxing at least once! ahahahah. ok.TMI!


Farhah (applegreen) said...

beb, aku suke yang number 9 tuh beb! ohmaiiiiiiii. same with me!

Orkid said...

jum babe!!!

kucingsiber said...

brazilian wax tu x ley blah~ haha

joe said...

no 10. OUCH!! let me know how that went yeah, should u ever try it out. hahaa

Orkid said...

tirah: musti cuba
acap: i will. yeah! will do. maybe one post for it haahaha