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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Win at Work?

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them. Every day begin the task anew." - Saint Francis de Sales

I know I am not the best person to talk the above subject.

I am not even 1 year working at Shell...I am not the best staff. But I receive some calls and questions from some ppl when they want to start off their career life.

To be honest, I have difficult time adapting myself at first few months working. The feeling not being good always haunted me.I even dreamt of my work! Believe me, its not the most romantic dream :P

OK. Let me just share some of best practices (at least work for me!)

1. The power of visualization. Yes. Think positive! Start off your day with positive vibes! Listen to ur fav songs before starting your work.

2. Do not think too much of your career ladder. You should, but dont make it a roadblock of your success. I've seen so much people too busy chasing the victory but forget that everything falls back on how good you do your work. Just bare in mind, if you do good, the recognition/award/promotion will come in your way...even u never think about it :)

"Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it"...
I choose to work hard :)

3. My PM said. NEVER THINK THAT U HV LEARNT ENOUGH. You might be the best person at your project, you are SME of your job, or you are a holder of few certs. No, actually u can learn with your surroundings. Even with janitors, pak guard, akak admin. Do not pretend that you know everything! Ask questions if you dont!

4. Be passionate, but not obsessive. How to differentiate?

Passionate: You are looking forward to make a difference everyday

Obsessive: You are on holiday, but you're still worrying over your work

Obsessive leads to burnout. I make my own rules: No work on weekends and during my vacation leave. I set my target time to go off everyday so I will be very productive, and cut down procrastinating. I dont want to be labelled as workaholic. I'd rather to be called as a smart and dependable worker.

5. Network! But do not overdo that. To be honest, I do not too fancy about network. Network for me is a kind of manipulation. However, we cannot underestimate what it can do. So I just let it flows naturally. I participated in clubs and events so I manage to know some leaders. So it is 2 in 2: you network and showcase your skills

6. Bare in mind: You can have everything, but not at the same time. When you try to be perfect all the time in every thing, you find yourself not good at anything. It is OK to be good at one thing, then try another thing. Having too much responsibility also not so good

7. Say yes to challenge! Every employer want to have "can do" attitude in their staff. So if you find one task is too hard for you, it is good! So you can stretch yourself and see what is your ability. So just say to your boss "Can. But I need contacts and materials since this is a new thing for me. From time to time, i will ask you if I need guidance"

8. Plan your weekends. This will make you feel you have reason to go through a week! I usually keep my weekends busy. Hang out with friends, visit family, short vacation, etc. That is my booster to be more productive.

9. Start your day a night before. I would say my typical day starts a night before. I will check my calendar, update my emails (just flag as follow up), take down action items. I will do daily target and target of the week.

10. Keeep yourself updated with current news of your company ....not gossips ya!

11. Volunteer with your company's events/clubs

12. Take up some skills. Go to make up class...or baking class...or aerobic class. Or whatever that makes you feel happy doing it.

13. Do not too obsess/stress with your work. Do not let your work defines you. But you define your work.

14. Take charge of your career. It is ok to tell your manager that you want to take up leadership position. It is ok. He/she might show you the way. Remember, company really needs a good leader...and they will spot leader potential even at just your 1st year of working. If you dont like you work, change it! If you cant, change your attitude :)

15. Buy a good book. Be it motivational or politic or autobiography. It will teach u a LOT of things. Seriously.

16. Dress for the work/position that you aim for. If you want to be a manager, dress like a manager! For tips and hints you can refer here

17. Find at least one mentor. I know some companies pre-assigned your mentor. But be proactive and choose anyone that u feel suits u and u want to be in his/her position. Approach them personally and share their experience. Who knows one day he/she wants you to be her/his legacy? :D

18. Most importantly, set your intention right. Our ultimate goal is to have Allah's blessing. Why you work? For who? How you can make differences to other ppl? How you can contribute to the society? Reflect reflect reflect and you will be a better person :)

Good luck all! Remember, take charge of your career!

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-nita- said...

fuhhh.gile inspiring post ko nie mah.u r such a great woman!

Orkid said...

glad to hear that :)
nope...im just sharing.
feeling2 je hebat haahah