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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stress Reliever

Today was a very bad day to me.

Early in the morning I had a fight with my bf.

Then I have more and more probs

Got some bad news

Small small things also ended up not went well as I expected.. :(

My pahala for fasting today was closed to zero I guess. Coz I keep on swearing (in my heart).

Anyway....I want to make a change. I dont want myself to attract more and more negative aura. Yes...I believe in law of attraction.

So I decided to go to Alamanda..and get my sushi fixed. I went alone! And I enjoyed that. Seriously. Coz I dont need to share my portion with anyone else! All is mine hahahaa.

Then, went to solat and at first I planned to do pedicure..then I think again..manicure is just one time quick solution..so I need more.

Then, without any plan I went to MPH and bought 2 books.

A New Earth "Create A Better Life" by Tolle. It is actually one of Book Oprah's Club. The other book I bought is "Panduan Lengkap Solat Sunat".

I saw it the first time, and I bought it without thinking much longer.


The description at the back of the book really suits me.

"In today's rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget the joy of just being. We worry about what ppl think of us, we compare oursleves with our friends, our family, and neighbours, and deep down we worry we're not good enough"

Well written! The book is for me. It was the first book I touched! (Maybe because the cover in purple hahaa).

Yes...actually I am thinking too much...Thinking on thing that haven't occured yet until I couldn't sleep. Anxiety of not being good enough. This really hurts my relationship with my bf, family and Allah. Coz I never grateful of what I have and ending up being STRESSful because I never enjoy the things that I have right now.

Hopefully this book taught me some lessons :)

Remember we never stop learning.

Quote from my PM "Never think you have learned enough"

In the end of the day, I am very happy. Tonight I receive reli2 good news from 3 of my friends that they are getting married and gotta chat with someone who just made me smile tonight. You know who u are :P (See, law of attraction)

P/S: Never afraid to invest some money on books. Apart of u can claim for tax relief, you will always learn new thing even u read the same book over and over again. Believe me :)

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Farhah (applegreen) said...

wahhh bestnye beb! :) aku buat mcm ko especially part makan. mcdonalds of course!hahhahaa. tpi buku tuh mcm menarik. nak pinjam :P LOL~