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Friday, July 8, 2011

Shell Eco Marathon

Whee~~ Shell Eco Marathon Asia is organized in Malaysia from 6th - 9th July 2011.

I always proud of my work and the company I work for :)
Today, despite of having my Mid year review and super hectic schedule (due to holiday) I made some time to go to one of biggest Shell event in Malaysia.

What is Shell Eco Marathon?
Most of ppl may have the impression of "marathon" when heard this name. But actually it is a competition to challenge students to design and build energy efficient vehicles that travel the FARTHEST distance using the least amount of fuel.

And!!! the record of 1,521.9km on just a litre of fuel set by Thai team last year!! They surpassed the record of similar event held in Houston :) Go Asia!!

Yes...Shell is very committed at maximising fuel efficiency and green technology.
Even though I am not a full volunteer of this event, I am very proud to be one of PR to entertain the VVIP from universities. Sadly UTP rector didn't come..I supposed to "escort" them..as I am the campus ambassador..so today I was assigned to UKM.

So basically the students need to build the vehicle. I am very impressed with the vehicles! They are so good that I want to drive them :)

Saya penyibuk lalalalaa

It was a very tough challenge I would say. They need to go through a lot of safety inspection that ranging from safety belt, visibility, etc (I couldnt recall)..yeahhh this is to make sure that everyone go back to home safely. Shell is very very particular about safety. All of us have personal clock for safety :)

I did not do much during that day. Just kepochi, talked to leaders and eat! That was my first time in Sepang hahaha so sad. And I had the opportunity to view the race from the VIP paddock. Soo feeling2 menteri kejap...ppl serve me drinks and foods (im in charge of VIP remmber? :P)

That was a very good experience. And i'm looking forward to other events in Shell :)

Want to know more about Shell Eco Marathon? Go to this link http://www.shell.com/home/content/ecomarathon/asia/

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