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Monday, December 13, 2010

Today and Tomorrow

Today I learned a hard lesson..

Your aim may not be the same as others..
I need to learn to run to my dreams alone :)
Sometimes u can achieve bigger yourself..instead of waiting for someone.
Alhamdulillah, He has opened my eyes. I will not do the stupid things again.
PEMBETULAN: I had a response saying dat i will not be successful doing alone and every success come with the help with others. Yes, i agree. Actually this post is when im really sad that my aim is not aligned with "that person". What I meant was, i have to do it alone, without that person but of course i need others - Allah, my family, my friends :) Thanks!!! Really appreciate the comment.
P/S: I know what I want to do next year: invest, study, business, family and beauty. Sounds too ambitious? yes. at lis i have dreams and i can see tomorrow, not just today :)

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Farhah (applegreen) said...

beb. terlalu mendalam ayat ko ekk. tak faham actually. tpi pape pun, aku tau ko buley buat punye :)