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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dream High

..and be prepared to fall.

Many of us afraid to dream high.

Including me.

If I want something, i will end up tired of thinking ways to do it.

But i read somewhere that u just need to know what u want and stick with it.

I remember before I entered UTP, I dream of having a bf. hahaha. a gentle bf. I think i get that.
(gatal tak?)

I remember I want to be a student leader (yes, tiba2, tiba2 ok i dpt jadi mpp)

I remember I want to get dean's list every sem (dpt even atas pagar hahaa)

So screw the small voice within u that keep saying that u cant achieve it. Do not underestimate yourself.

BUT...not everything we want we can have. I have a lot of failures too; which I dont want to touch that. Remember of your achievement by far rather than looking at something that u dont have. Betul x?

Maybe Allah keeps the best for you. Just the time hasnt come yet. Kan?

Remember Rahmah and my dear friends

"You can have it all, but u cant have it all at the same time"


Thats a key to success.

Believe. Believe in Allah and yourself.

Ppl always run to have everything, and end up getting nothing.

So tips from me, mcm ni put certain KPI for certain months or year.

Takkan la u nak kete, rumah, gi haji and travel on the same year kan?
Tu contoh paling senang. Byk lagi boleh relate. Bukan tak boleh nak semua, but prioritize and jgn sbb nak kejar sume ur life jadi kelam kabut

hehehee. peringatan utk diri sendiri.

sbb selalu nak semua. sabar rahmah. sabar :)

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