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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Marriage :)

Looking back at our honeymoon pictures..and how surreal it was! We were like "fantasty" land everytime. Alhamdulillah for this happiness.

Look back at the past 8 months we have been together.. We have learnt sooo much about each other. We are happy most of the times, and also some times storm came, to strehgthen our relationship.

I could not ask for more. Sometimes I told Allah, he is too good for me, I think because of my parents prayers.

Anyway, bila dah kahwin ni banyak jugak perangai2 yang kita x pernah tawu even dah bertahun2 bercinta. He always pamper me. Ada org ckp sebab im preggy. I dont know, coz im preggy most of the times! haha.

Yang paling obvious ialah perangai membebel dia yg i like.
"Sayang, make sure letak sini. Sayang...pastikan meja tu clear. Sayang..dah habis makan letak kat dapur..etc etc"

I dont know about him, but I feel complete. Jemaah everytime, makan sama2, sharing session every night, "kutuk" each other. Couldnt imagine life without him.

I am confident that he will be a great father. InsyaAllah. This is the feeling of married couple. Happiness. Calm. Even in difficulties. Especially when new family sets in, i feel more complete. Marriage is not all about him only..also about his family that I love as much as my own family.

Anyway, to my dear hubby. Tq for everything. I am truly grateful to have u in my life. Lets pray that Allah will always cherish us with love and iman.

Happy birthday to you! We will enjoy your birthday celebration "adult" way hahaha :P

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bintanghati said...

hurm.. best kan dh berdua... hihihi