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Monday, April 2, 2012

My Favorite Boutique

Yeahhhhh Old Blossom Box it is! I can proudly say that most in my wardrobe came from this cute boutique!
She started as online shop, I was hooked up with her since then!
Rasa macam nak bawak semua baju2 dia and buat styling session dgn dia. Coz i tell u, sangat banyak!

And I adore her so much. She's soo humble and try layan jugak each of the customers..
And she will design for my wedding dress insyaAllah :D

P.S: Tudung by Aidijuma, Skirt by Ami ShopSptnik, Kimono cardigan from Old Blossom Box :D

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May Maisarah said...

Hai orkid ! nice blog. just got here from my friend, anisah. hehe. nice to meet you here ! =))