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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prep Tunang 4: Milestone Schedule

Lepas dah berkejar untuk carik tailor. 2nd thing I did was draft the "milestone schedule".

Yes..I am a planning freak. Jadi tak jadi tu 2nd thing, yang penting plan plan plan.

Banyak template untuk planning gak. Even in google pon. Just go to google document and u can have a lot of planning templates. Complete!

Nature kerja memang project management, so macam dah terbiasa buat milestone, budget, sume2 la. So tunang ni I treated as another project. Mesti on time/schedule, on budget, and quality.

So here is the snapshots... Memang my own version diceduk dari my project haaha. I am busy woman (cehhh) so ada plan ni atlis takdela tiba2 freak out. Boleh tgk our timeline easily. Mcm myself, I am too busy in October so I made tis schedule flexible. So this is the key, planning mmg penting tapi yg paling penting flexibility kena ada. If not, kita yang stress sendiri :)

Setakat ni alhamdulillah, I put everything dlm tis schedule so I still have time for my family, friends and other things. Coz I know there are a lot more meaningful things to take care of apart of your event :)

I printed this out on A3 paper and tampal kat bilik. Alhamdulillah belum stress lagi haaha.

My friend yg B2B pon da mintak n she's very happy with this template. So if u want me to share template yg xseberapa ni email me at orkid88@gmail.com k :)

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Misz Mizah said...

U GUYS ARE GETTING ENGAGEDD!!! WOOOOTT.. tahniah..i pray everything goes well :)