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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of Raya Month & Weddings

Sorry for the lack of updates. My weekend in September is full! Anyway, last week my ex-coursemates from UTP came to visit my house.

I had something on that day. Hence, I just hosted them..tak join pun konvoi raya tahun ni T.T

Alhamdulillah the same weekend my best friend from seseri tied her knot. Nanti upload gambar kat sini ok :P

Sempena long weekend, my exschoolmate and I went to Jerantut Pahang. Main purpose is to attend Put's wedding. Spent 3 days two night there! Will update later what we did there. ehehhe

Seronok sangat spend time dgn diorg after few years tak jumpa. Borak3 and cerita pasal dulu2.
Dari gosip pasal hal masing2 sampai buka segala kisah lama. Serius kelakar!

And......diorang la yang tawu perangai luar dalam ok! Yela 2 tahun duduk sama hehe

Sekarang masing2 dah besar. Cerita pasal kisah dulu2 dan cerita pasal future :)

Sangat seronok even dah sangat lama tak jumpa tapi masih mesra seperti dulu :)

P/S: Sekarang nak aim spend masa puas2 dgn kwn2!

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