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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Special Message to Special Person :)

Wedding is something sooo beautiful

Very beautiful :)

Most of the times, I feel like crying when I watch wedding videos...Its just sooo beautiful..

This May two of my friends will tie the knot

Anisah & Yaya

I have received both cards. Beautiful it is :)

Sooo touched when Yaya personally put post it note and wrote: Rahmah dtg taw, bawak boy (Ojan) sekali. Simple note that touches my heart.

Anddd Nisah being sooooo patient answering and helping us for our convoy to Tganu. I know she had enough with all the busy preps and works, but still managed to help us :)

Both I know them personally...Nisah being the last couple in our ITIS, but she is sooo advanced! haahaha. No surprise! :P (Jangan marah dear)

But...Yaya, I know her when we were in the same committee for Convofair. I always have the impression that she is a very strong girl and full with passion! She never ever said that she has bf or we were not expecting she got one in anytime soon! Because she is so oh Miss Independent (how to say this, ahhh u got what I mean rite). I know also she and her family have strict requirement for her future hubby..if I remember correctly she even said she will never get one.

And....she finally found her one :) Im soooo happy for you dear.

Nisah, insyaAllah we will be there at your wedding.
Yaya, same goes to Yaya! Will definitely go to Penang for your beautiful wedding.

To both couple...I pray for your happiness. May Allah helps u during your big event and your marriage life. Ameen.

Owh..im being soooo emotional *wipe tears*

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