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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dream & Wedding

Congrats to both newlyweds :)

Such a beautiful wedding!

Dear, more to come. But insyaAllah Allah will help u along the way :)

Anyway, last week I went to Terengganu to attend Nisah's wedding.

It was like a dream when i see both of them in wedding dress. We used to hang out as couples.

Ohhh one down. Who's next? ahahhaa.

I had weird dreams couple of times.

Its either im suddenly in my own wedding but try to escape...or in my wedding but crying dont want to get married..or in wedding but im thinking to cancel it haahhaa.

Did my sub concious mind try to convince me that I'm not ready to tie knot? ahahha.

yeah...i'm very afraid to move our relationship to the next level. Very scared of losing what I have right now. I am so comfortable with my relationship rite now.

Anyway, my parents started to survey the budget of a wedding. just now he called me and said rm27k. Haih, i dont have that saving even for 1% of the amount T.T

*owh nvm, not that i want to get married anytime soon, not within 1 year at least*

PS. last week went to terengganu, this week penang, next week jb! Cant wait for the trip!

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