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Monday, September 13, 2010

Today Is a good today.. Tomorrow too

Hari ni bekerja macam biasa. Tapi tak biasa macam hari hari biasa. Sedikit luar biasa. hahaa.
Apa2 lah... Remember my last entry? About change.

Yeahhh it works! I start to feel the change.
Im starting to love my work. Not that I hate my work before. But now im more content on whatever im doing rite now. I start to pick up my roles and see the significance behind it.

I start to feel "ownership" on my work.

Few things about my job
1. I realized that working longer hours do not convey that u r working hard, but maybe working not too smart
2. The most important thing in working is deliverables
3. I adore my PM. Heard a lot of good things abt him. Hopefully I can learn a lot of things from him.
4. I love my teammates esp Carol (she teaches me loads of thing)
5. I love my role as business analyst
6. I am grateful to have my line manager.
7. My calendar is kinda pack. I LOVE IT!8. Im going to conduct teambuilding sessions (I cant believe I play a role to organize conference *excited*)
9. I was participated in short film. I cant believe i saw my face in the film. Uploaded and played thousand times in ShellTube (perasaan pdhal scene seminit je kot hahaa)

Next (the most exciting upcoming events)
1. Rabu ni ke Hilton with my PM for onsite visit
2. BA Training 20-22nd Sept at Grand Millenium Hotel
3. 7 Habits Training 28-29th Sept
4. AD&P Social Event at Putrajaya
5. Shell IT International Dinner at Hilton (pray hard to get Iphone)
6. 3 day conference at Hilton 3-5 Sept!!

Raya update
1. Start giving out duit raya
2. But receive back 5 times more den i give (alhamdulillah syukur ya Allah)
3. I still think that now is fasting month
4. Gemuk dan sangat gemuk


Anyway, I want to continue my change management initiatives (cehh ayat)

1. Start using stairs instead of lift (umah aku tingkat 5 wohhh)
2. Apply moisturizers
3. Drink a lot of water

Lets see how it progress



An aNgeL WrOtE my StoriES hEre said...

Nox!rindu la kt u!adeh~sdey nye bace blog kwn2 tp da jauh2 da sume~huuu

'Afeefa Nawfa said...

bestnya kejaaa! :)