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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Very..very..hectic week

This week mmg giler.

5 days...tido lewat. Sibuk lg dgn Orkid Bee's. But Im very2 satisfied as my customers suka wif brg diorg :) Thanks dears.

Anyway, weekend nih sempat lagi pegi CASFUMAL dgn invitation Epit. Even mmg penat, tapi sgt3 seronok!! Jumpe kwn2 baru. Luaskan network. N gain some knowledge.

Ok...let me tell u smthng abt CASFUMAL.

1. This is the 2nd of its existence :P
2. Event yg grand n mahal
3. This year I join as participant only
4. National level
5. Speaker dr top player of the industry
6. Kali ni I dok 2 row dr blkg. Last yr dok row pling dpn
7. Wat kat hotel pan pacific klia
8. Event yg besh. Coz leh jmpe all student leaders
9. This time more focus on biz. Such a coincidence kan?hehe
10. I lepak dgn dak2 UTEM je
11. Tak fokus lgsg. Ketawa n mengarut je spnjng conference

Geng sponsor 07.

Sume pelik sbb ktorg pkai bju raya kat KLIA tgh2 mlm.hehe

I learnt a lot. A lot. N i am very thankful dat im lucky enuf to have diz exposure. One thing dat reli make me realize. Its jz da same char dat I observed from all the speakers.


Ppl alwez afraid to try n make mistakes. They tend to stay in their comfort zone. n im da 1 of dem. So its reli a point to ponder :)

Nek buggy smbil menjerit2 kt KLIA. haha.

Ok..done with casfumal. Afta casfumal, I g tgk muvi wif b n his gang. Ok. Jd da only gurl lg. So ade acap, hazeman n amin. Reli seronok hang out wif dem. N glad i can mingle wif my b's fren. (Xtawla diorg bleh ke x dgn i. hehe).

We watched terminator salvation. N for those who know me closely mesti taw i ni mmg xde perasaan even i tgk crite horror, thriller,ape2lah. Tp diz muvi reli makes me shaking. haha. Xtaw la nape. So sile2 tgk yer :)


Ppl always come to me n said...ur life like a sweet dream.

Thanks for that. But believe me..its hard to be RAHMAH. Y? Let me jz keep it la.
But..i reli hope I akn sentiasa dijauhkan dr org2 yg dengki...

Hmmm....still have more n more to go. Besok kena organize sume balik. Hopefully i dpt balik my momentum.

P/S: Org yg bru knal me ckp mulut i becok. And suke dgr i bcrita. apekah???

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