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Monday, May 18, 2009



Mari kite saling menegur..

Yes..i'm in love..almost 3 yrs wif him... if anything dat u feel inconvenience...come n stret tgur je k?

Anyway jumpa ni dlm blog..

Thanks Rubina :)




Anyway, little update on my baby... Orkid Bee's..

  • ada kain sulam tangan yg cantik2!! sesuai utk raya
  • korean n japanese imported dress
  • men garments
  • victoria secret beauty products (authentic)
  • tudung n jubah sgt lawa dr Arab
will take all those pics and upload it by diz weekend insyaAllah...

to my frenz....thanks a lot for all the supports ya!

Yah..doing biz..have to sacrifice energy, time n money. Its all abt experience. I alwez believe dat Allah will pay on efforts :)

Paling penting..SINCERE :)

Doakan yer...masih merangkak2...

Owh yes!! the official logo, tag (insyaAllah akan ada tag utk produk sndiri) and biz card dah hampir siap!! yay!! excited3!!

**tibe2 syg nak tgglkan KL... tp xpe..rezeki Allah ade kat ane2 :) **

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