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Friday, October 15, 2010


Rasa nyesal pulak datang UTP harini. hahaa.

Better kerja. Bukak laptop tak dapat connect internet. Tensen! Saje xnak bagi buat kerja kan. haha.

Menyesal sebab boleh je mintak tolong kawan amek robe yang size nye ok. Sekarang terpaksa amek robe yang besar. haih T.T

Apapun, tak menyesal sebab jumpa kawan2 balik. Gelak sakan and tak tido sangat. Mungkin tido dalam 3 jam kot. Dengan penat segala. haha.

Tak menyesal sebab tengok kawan2 berjaya. OMG! You are amazing!! Dengan kerja yang meletup2. Award sana sini. Rasa kecik sangat diri tak mampu nak jalan masa convo nanti. ahhaha. Apapun sangat bangga dengan kawan2.

Datang sini, semua tanya happy tak dah convo?

Cik Orkid serius takde perasaan.

For me, itd just a celebration yg dah lama lepas. Past achievements. Tak perlu nak happy lebih2. hahaa. Yang penting future achievement :)

Boring kan cik orkid? But Yes...I will definitely have fun.

I have my own photographer and makeup artist. meletup la konon. hahaa.

I enjoy mingling with others, tell stories and inspires them.

Paling kelakar keluar rumors Shell support Honda City car and apartment for me. OMG. Thanks sbb doakan. Tapi tu mmg rumors yang buat cik orkid nak gelak kuat2. I am only an entry level staff. yet too many to learn and to deliver.

This celebration marks something in my life. Another chapter here. But, it is just a normal chapter. I will do more after this insyaAllah.

Mungkin cik orkid kurang bernasib baik tapi I have a great journey here in UTP. UTP has mould me into a better person and taught me a lot of life lesson that will never found in text book.

Reminiscing the good old memories is good. But I know we have to move on. I feel so bad coz I have a low CGPA (matila sume baling botol kat aku). I know, mesti ramai org cakap if only I did it like that.

But my answer is no. I never regret with my journey. Im proud of my so-called achievement. Your achievement doesnt mean that you need a recognition from others. Hahaha. I talked about self mastery now.

Apapun people, do not worry so much abt ur CGPA. Focus on what you are doing now. Deliver the best and you will taste the fruits later. If you did not achieve what u wish for, always believe that u will have a better award after this :)

Believe in yourself!

Happy convo people!!!

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